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Eight-Year-Old Girl Wrote A Heart Breaking Letter To Her Dad’s Mistress – This Will Surely Make You Cry

There is a huge impact on a child when family problems are going through in their home; it does affect not only their emotion but also the p...

The Sacred Meaning of the PyramidThe Sacred Meaning of the Pyramid

Walk into any crystal shop and you will most likely see pyramid shapes on the top of crystal clusters , orgone pyramids or even crystals fa...

The Top 5 Differences Between Soulmates And Life Partners

Our fast-paced lives have led to an enormous shift in the way we see and perceive relationships. The tedious responsibilities attached and...

Study: Your Dog Will Snub People Who Are Mean to You

If you have a dog, you should probably pay more attention to the way your pet responds to other people – it could help you find out who migh...

This Is How the World Will End, According To Buddha

The end time (also called end times, end of time, end of days, last days, final days, or eschaton) is a future time-period described various...

Father Digs A Grave For His Ill Daughter Because He Can No Longer Afford Her Medical Bills

The thought of having to bury one’s own child is every parent’s worst fear, but for one desperate father in rural China, it quickly became h...

E-Cigarettes Cause A Horrible Incurable Disease Called ‘POPCORN LUNG’. Worse Than Lung Cancer

The latest trend in smoking has been E-cigarettes. They have been promoted as a much safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. But of...

Autistic Boy Learns to Speak Again After 2 Days of Cannabis Oil Treatment

At just ten months old Kalel Santiago experienced a rare type of cancer known as neuroblastoma. He underwent chemotherapy , radiation, and...

Are You An Emotional Eater? The 7 Types of Eaters

Reaching out for that bar of chocolate or potato chips when you're feeling low, upset or tired is a situation that most of us are famili...

Artificial Meat Warning: It’s Mostly Made From MSG, GMOs and Toxic Ingredients That Harm The Planet

GREENWASHING Alert: Artificial meat is positioned as “saving the planet” but it’s almost all made from the very same GMOs and toxic herbicid...

26 Things You Do As An Adult When You’ve Experienced Childhood Emotional Abuse

When growing up, the raising that we receive has much to do with our coping skills as an adult. And I have noticed that I, and other victims...

3 Cleansing Detox Soup Recipes: Why You Shouldn’t Only Juice

Many people choose to go on a cleanse to gain energy, treat disease, clear skin, and give the body an overall rest and rejuvenation. One cle...

Woman Started Consuming Cucumbers Every Single Day And She Noticed 3 Incredible Changes To Her Body…

There is emerging knowledge on the benefits of cucumber. It has an abundance of nutrients which cut risks of breast, uterine, ovarian and pr...

High Radiation Levels Found In North American Seafood

Bronwyn Delacruz , a high school student from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada discovered that a variety of seafood, particularly seaweeds, ...

You Need To Flush Toxins Out Of Your Body If You See These 9 Warning Signs

People are surrounded by toxins, from contaminated air we breathe to pesticide-covered and hormone-infused sustenance. Many poisons come fro...

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