Japan's Roller Coaster Transportation

Japanese engineers have developed a new type of transport that runs on gravity power. Engineers...

Japan's Roller Coaster Transportation

Japanese engineers have developed a new type of transport that runs on gravity power. Engineers decided to use the idea inherent in roller coasters - a train car with passengers accelerating downhill and gathering energy for the next rise. These trains will have no engines and transmissions, which will greatly reduce their weight.

When developing a new miracle of transportation, the engineers decided to use the roller coaster principle. They thought that if they build such a "rolling" road, it can move train cars that will not need an engine because the weight of the cabin with passengers will make them move to the next station

It is estimated that the new transport system that its creators called Eco Ride will have the capacity to transport 2-2.5 thousand people per hour and its average speed would be 20-30 miles per hour with a minimum turning radius of 15 meters and a maximum gradient of 13 degrees. In this case, the speed is calculated considering all stops. The stops will be located a little over the highway, so getting to them and almost losing speed, the train will be able to save energy in order to move to the next part of the road at the next section of the route.

Interestingly, the idea put forward by the Japanese engineers was not only the most original, but also most carefully thought. It won against the idea of an alternative urban cable car project because Eco Ride routes do not require steel cables. In addition, at transport roller coaster cars cannot hang in the air if a motor stops because the force of gravity cannot be shut down.

Several Japanese municipalities are already interested in Eco Ride system, and after all the tests are completed construction of this road will commence. If all goes as calculated by the inventors, two years from now train cars running roller coaster style will be the most popular Japanese commuter transport, replacing buses, subways, and even ordinary trains. In other words, the entire Japan will turn into a roller coaster.



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