Siquijor:The Beauty Behind The Mystery

Back in the 16th century, Spanish sailors nicknamed Siquijor as “Isla del Fuego” (island of fire)...

Isla del Fuego

Back in the 16th century, Spanish sailors nicknamed Siquijor as “Isla del Fuego” (island of fire) because of fireflies among foliages bathing the landscape in ghostly luminescence. This sense of mystery still remains today, only this time it’s more of a quirk than an aversion.

Tales of witches and shamans aside, Siquijor is a peaceful island with zero police records of carnapping, kidnapping, and highway robbery. Siquijorans are known to be very warm and friendly people. As a matter of fact, the local government of Siquijor has come up with a positive twist on the province’s mystical repute.

At Paliton Beach, there are submarine caves where travelers can marvel at the sight of sleeping reef sharks while at Salag-Doong Beach on the eastern side of the island, divers have occasionally reported seeing manta rays and shoals of barracuda.

Towering above the beaches is the majestic Mount Bandilaan, the highest peak in Siquijor. Rising up to 557 feet above sea level, totaling 1394 feet high, Mount Bandilaan provides many outdoor activities such as cave spelunking, nature trekking, and mountain climbing. The mountain springs and rivers found in the base and nearby terrain are also a must see.



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