Batanes Islands, Philippines

It is a place that you will never forget; a place so mystical, so mesmerizing that going back home...

It is a place that you will never forget; a place so mystical, so mesmerizing that going back home will be difficult. Its captivating beauty and pure magnificence make Batanes what it is. Unlike in the rest of the Philippines, there is always that feeling of calmness and relaxation here and the comforting fact that it is a place where time is not important and everything stands still. It makes you realize the polarity of the place where everything is at rest, yet alive.

The Batanes Islands lie at the northernmost tip of the Philippines, where the Pacific Ocean merges with the South China Sea. Batanes is the smallest province in terms of population and land area, and is composed of three major islands: Batan, which contains the capital town of Basco; Sabtang, and Itbayat.

Close by are seven islets including Amianan, which is the closest to Formosa. Batanes has been identified as the country’s potential gateway to East China because of its location.

These wind-swept islands are beautiful and enchanting like no other Philippine isles. Since Batanes is separated from the rest of the country by miles of rough waters, the Ivatan (the native people of the Batanes Islands) have developed a different culture. They are of Malay stock, tracing their roots to early immigrants from Formosa, Taiwan, as well as Spaniards who came to the island in the 16th century. They are considered to be the “True Insulares” and have kept the purity of their gene pool through time.

The best season to come is within the months of December to May. Batanes exhibits a cool and windy weather. It does rain any month of the year, and temperatures can dip as low as 7 degrees centigrade. It lies along the typhoon belt and gets its fair share of typhoons during the wet season.



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