Smith Volcano, Philippines

Smith Volcano , also known as Mount Babuyan , is a cinder cone on one of the Babuyan Islands off northern Luzon island in the Philippines....

Smith Volcano
Smith Volcano, also known as Mount Babuyan, is a cinder cone on one of the Babuyan Islands off northern Luzon island in the Philippines.

he sparsely-vegetated cinder cone is 688 meters high with a base diameter of 4.5 km.
Smithsonian Institution's Global Volcanism Program reports that there may be five Pleistocene-to-Holocene volcanic centers on Babuyan de Claro Island. The largest is Babuyan Claro, also known as Mt. Pangasun, an active stratovolcano with two summit craters 300 and 400 m in diameter. Smith Volcano is 4 km northwest of Babuyan Claro and is the youngest volcano on the island.

Mt. Babuyan

Askedna Hot Spring is located at the southern base of Babuyan Claro.

Smith Volcano has erupted six times, the last of which was in 1924.
A team of volcanologists visited the island on July 8, 1993, to investigate reports of unusual volcanic activity. They found no activity and recorded no volcanic earthquakes.

Mount Babuyan

Smith Volcano is one of the active volcanos in the Philippines, which are all part of the Pacific ring of fire.




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