China’s Cured Mouse Bacon Dish is One of the Most Popular

Food lovers go globetrotting looking for new and exotic flavors and cuisines. They visit different countries and try out usual and unus...

China’s Cured Mouse Bacon Dish is One of the Most Popular

Food lovers go globetrotting looking for new and exotic flavors and cuisines. They visit different countries and try out usual and unusual cuisines. Now these food lovers can find something in China that is unlike any other anywhere in the world. There is the famous Cured Mouse Bacon which is made from mouse meat. There are also fully fried, roasted and even boiled mice available for consumption. While this is certainly one of the strangest cuisines considering that it just does not fit comfortably in the psyche of most people, it is extremely popular in the province.

A New Delicacy for Food Lovers: Cured Mouse Bacon

While it is typical for local people to relish their often ‘’weird’’ cuisine, for people all over the world it might sometimes be too exotic. For example let us consider the tribes which eat ants. While there have been those who vouch for their taste, most people across the world would not find the idea of red ants being minced into a kind of sauce and consumed a very appetizing idea. There are many such “cuisines” across the world which would put most people’s appetites away for good.

All those who have visited African and Asian countries on gap year jobs and study abroad programs would have a lot to say about the food, but only a few would come across the category of cuisines being discussed above. They are rare and far apart. With the developing economies across the world, the modern world is taking over and such traditional culinary arts are disappearing. It is only when one is involved in an intensive culinary program during his or herstudy overseas when he or she come to know about any such “offbeat” dishes.

Mouse Bacon
The latest in the line of exotic cuisines is the one that is being popularized in China. All those who have visited Guangdong Province during their Chinese language programs and China tours might already be acquainted with it. It might be too strict an opinion but most people would agree that it is one of the most de-appetizing things they could think of having. This meat-based cuisine can be roasted, fried or boiled and the source of this meat is mice.

There are many places in the province where one can find street vendors selling fried mice. Along the street one can find fried mice hanging on lines. It is surprising that mouse meat is more expensive than chicken or pork. Many such vendors and exporters are planning to export this delicacy to the other parts of the country. Seemingly there is an immense market for it.

These mice are said to be hygienic. The mice dish makers say that all of them have been captured in the country and are as healthy as poultry or other fowl. The residents of Guangdong have also come up with mouse bacon which is one of the more expensive eatables among all exotic cuisines. It has been named Cured Mouse Bacon and it can be made only by specialists as delicate carving methods are required for its creation.

Those who are regular eaters of the mice cuisine would vouch for the fact that the meat is certainly “versatile’’ in taste. However the visitors in the province on their China travel might beg to differ if they come across this dish. It certainly requires a lot of courage for anyone to even try, but there have been many people who have shown interest, and have contributed to the dish becoming so popular all across the country. The locals in the province, of course, also find the dish quite tasty.



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