5 Surprising Signs You’re Probably a Genius

Recently, a study revealed that highly intelligent people process visual information differently. Scientists found that people with high IQ...

Recently, a study revealed that highly intelligent people process visual information differently. Scientists found that people with high IQ are good at seeing small, moving objects but struggle to see large, background like motions, and the opposite was shown in people with low IQ scores.

Scientists have found numerous characteristics that set brilliant geniuses apart from ordinary Joes. Besides a high score on a math test, studies have linked certain personalities and physical traits to higher intelligence.

Here are five bizarre traits scientific studies have linked to intelligence.

1. You Have a High Sex Drive 
You Have a High Sex Drive
A recent study suggests a link between high sexual libido and intelligence. A new UK study revealed that students from more prestigious UK universities spend more on sex toys than students from other universities. After analyzing sales figures, sex toy retailer Lovehoney found that Cambridge and Oxford students shelled out almost three times more on sex toys than other universities. The survey revealed that Cambridge students and Oxford students spent over $14,600 on sex toys compared to students at University of Surrey and Loughborough who spent less than $4,900, according to The Telegraph.

2. You Use Drugs
You Use Drugs
Previous studies found that people who use more drugs are more intelligent. A study by British scientists found that "very bright" people with IQs of 125 or higher are not only significantly more likely to drink excessively compared to their less intelligent counterparts, they are also "three-tenths of a standard deviation more likely to use psychoactive drugs compared to very dull individuals," according to Psychology Today. That means the more intelligent you are, the more likely you'll indulge in illegal substances like marijuana, Ecstasy, amphetamines, cocaine, crack and heroin.

3. You're a Night Owl
You're a Night Owl
Early birds don't actually get the worm, according to science. Researchers found that people who burn midnight oil and get up later in the morning are actually smarter than those who do the opposite. Researchers said that the concept goes back to evolution. Since it was advantageous for humans to do things during the day and go to sleep at night, scientists explained that going against the trend is a sign of intelligence after research found that evening people tend to be more intelligent while morning people who restrict their activities to daytime tend to have lower IQs, according to the study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

4. You Have Blue Eyes
You Have Blue Eyes
Scientists have found that people with light-colored eyes are generally more intelligent than those with dark-colored eyes. Researchers found that people with blue eyes were more likely to be strategic thinkers and perform better at activities that require self-pacing and planning, according to the Daily Mail.

5. You Have Double D's
You Have Double D's
Who says you can't have it all? A 2011 study of 1,200 women found that women with large breasts were more intelligent. According to, women who big breasts had scored on average 10 point higher than their lesser-endowed counterparts. Researchers found that women with average cup sizes also scored higher on IQ tests than women in the smallest cup size group.

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