Man Has Magnetic Powers, Can Make Objects Stick To Body

Miroslav Magola claims he can use his mind to ‘magnetize’ objects — which he makes stick to his b...

Man  Has Magnetic Powers, Can Make Objects Stick To Body

Miroslav Magola claims he can use his mind to ‘magnetize’ objects — which he makes stick to his body.

Just call me Magneto! Hoards of onlookers are always magnetized to this real life X-Man as he can stick metal to his body.

Madcap Miroslaw Magola clearly has nerves of steel because without using glue, adhesives or any tricks whatsoever, he claims he uses brain power to manipulate objects and attach them to himself.

His mental powers are so strong he can even jump around with drinks cans, pots and pans or cutlery stuck to forehead, hands or chest.

The bizarre German boffin insists after researching the phenomenon of psychic energy he exerts mind over matter and 'connects' himself to objects.

"I found out I could train myself to manipulate lifeless objects as I studied for my degree in the early 90s," Magola, 55, said.

"I have since spent years perfecting the technique and exploring further into human magnetism.

"I can defy gravity because I load myself with energy and -- like moving a limb -- can make objects do as I wish, like a real-life magnet.

Man  Has Magnetic Powers, Can Make Objects Stick To Body

Much like Magneto from the ‘X-Men’ movies and comics, Magola says he is capable of making objects stick to his skin by simply using the power of his mind.

"I am determined to develop my unique powers further in the future, and I'm currently working with telepathy and healing to see how psychokinetic energy can be put to a use that will benefit mankind."

Magola's powers may seem like something out of a comic book, with many people struggling to comprehend his abilities. Others flatly refuse to believe him.

But the father-of-one refuses to be branded a "fake" or "cheater," revealing that his superpowers could potentially be mastered be everyone.

"Magnetic people prove with mind power they are capable of lifting objects of different materials off the floor without aid," Magola said.

"This can be done with the head or palms of the hands to hold objects vertically, horizontally or in circular movements."

The scientist says that some magnetic people are also capable of lifting objects from the floor with the palm of a gloved hand or even with talcum powder on their skin.

Man  Has Magnetic Powers, Can Make Objects Stick To Body

Magola hopes to enter the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge to prove his powers.

"You don't have to be a scientist to see the difference in the demonstrations between magnetic people and skeptics, who attempt to fool people using cheating techniques.

"The skeptics' demonstrations have nothing in common with the phenomenon of magnetic people, as they do not break the laws of gravity."

One of Magola's main goals is to scoop a $1million prize -- unclaimed for five decades -- set for anyone who can prove they have supernatural powers.

The One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge was launched by famed magician and skeptic James Randi in 1964 for anyone who can show evidence of faith-healing, telepaths, psionics, dowsing, precognitive psychic friends with astral bodies, past-life remembrance or spectral manifestations of any kind.

Magola is in training to banish popular myths surrounding human magnetism, as many claim people simply have 'sticky skin,' and intends to beat the feat in the near future.


Source: NY Daily News


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