Goldfish Has Brain Surgery To Give Hhim Another 20 Years of Life

Meet George – he’s a very special goldfish. He’s special because he’s just undergone surgery to...

Meet George – he’s a very special goldfish.

He’s special because he’s just undergone surgery to remove a tumour from his brain.

George, who is otherwise a normal goldfish (but by no means ordinary), was said to be ‘really suffering’ and was unable to swim or eat properly due to a large tumour hanging off his face.

The lump was also said to be ‘affecting his quality of life’.

That was until hero veterinarian – Dr Tristan Rich took on the case.

The fish was admitted to Lort Smith Animal Hospital in North Melbourne where Dr Rich said he could either be put to sleep or they could attempt the intricate surgical procedure.

Luckily for George, who is 10-years-old, his owner was said to be rather attached to him and opted for the £111 surgery.

George, who weighs about 80 grams, was put under a general anaesthetic and underwent a 45-minute operation to release him of his tumour.


It took three buckets of water – one for the initial dose of anaesthetic, one with enough anaesthetic to keep him asleep during the operation (with a tube that flushed water over his gills) and a third full of oxygenated water for his recovery.

‘It’s a very fiddly procedure, and you have to be very careful about blood loss,’ Dr Rich, who has performed 10 operations on fish before, told The Age newspaper.

‘It can be a few hundred dollars, and mostly it’s charged for the standard anaesthetic, also depending on the time it takes. The actual procedure is quick and straightforward.

‘George is now doing great; he spent a few days in the tank, and is now swimming happily in the pond.’

If healthy, goldfish can live up to 30 years. Good luck George!



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