Man Spends 7 Years Turning Himself Into A Human PLATYPUS

Man Spends 7 Years Turning Himself Into A Human PLATYPUS

 By Andy Wells

Russian designer Jenya has undergone severe body modifications – stretching eight parts of his face beyond recognition – to emulate the distinctive bill of a platypus.

The 26-year-old has had both of his ear lobes, his nostrils, septum and his top and bottom lip stretched to over nine-and-a-half inches altogether.

He is also the only person in the world to have his ‘Surna’ – the very top bridge of his nose – stretched.

The designer from Perm, Russia says he won’t stop gouging his body until he realizes his bizarre vision.

He said: “I love platypus – the way they look and even the word ‘platypus’ itself.

“I like the way my stretched face and lips now look like a platypus bill.

“All of the modifications I have added to my body make me feel whole.

"This is what I am now. It is what I have always wanted to be.”

Man Spends 7 Years Turning Himself Into A Human PLATYPUS

Jenya admits that he was a quiet child who felt like he "didn't belong" while growing up and it was when he was 10-years-old that he first discovered body modifications.

He explained: “When I saw body piercings for the first time on the internet, I became very interested.

"As I got older, I started learning about ear lobe stretching which was still very rare.

“I loved the way it looked – the way you could stretch your body to become who you want to be.

"It’s such a beautiful art.”

Man Spends 7 Years Turning Himself Into A Human PLATYPUS

Stretching his earlobes out when he was 18, Jenya went on to explore other parts of his body that he could stretch out – and set about realising his dream to have a horizontal lip to emulate the bill of a platypus.

He also embarked on stretching both his nostrils and septum to create an elongated, billed look.

Seven years later, he has finally achieved a permanent, stretched size of 58mm on his bottom lip and 33mm on his top lip – and he plans on increasing them even more.

Jenya revealed: “I would stretch my face and lips a little at a time and keep going. There was no limit.

“It has taken me years to get to where I am and now, I feel like I finally belong in this world.

“Externally, I am now a platypus. My resemblance is the way I want it to be.

“Inside though, I am more like a bird. They’re my spirit animal and they come to me in my dreams.”





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