Cicret Bracelet Turns Your Skin Into A Touchscreen

Cicret Bracelet Turns Your Skin Into A Touchscreen

By: Paul Alcorn

The mobile market is not immune to trends and fads, and sometimes they can run counter to established norms. At first users wanted the smallest phone on the market. In the prehistoric pre-smartphone era some phones were so small they were almost impossible to dial. Smartphones changed that trend, and initial small versions have given way to phablets. Once again, bigger has become better. Cicret looks to solve the problem for us all with the largest useable screen packed into the smallest device possible. It seems a bit counter-intuitive, but the design is genius.

The Cicret Smart Bracelet debuted on Indiegogo and just finished its round of funding. The Smart Bracelet looks like a simple bracelet but has an embedded memory card, processor, accelerometer, vibrator, USB port, Bluetooth functionality, and Wi-Fi. The most important components consist of a pico-projector and an array of 8 proximity sensors. The projector beams the screen down onto the users forearm, and the proximity sensors track fingers to allow device interaction. The video below is simply amazing.

Check out the video to see how it works. This is amazing!

The Cicret brings about a number of amazing possibilities. The accelerometer will be used for user interaction, simply moving your arm could page through screens for instance. Bluetooth connectivity could allow the bracelet to be used as an accessory to an existing smartphone by simply mirroring the screen in your pocket. The video demo is impressive, but is based upon 'possibilities' and isn't representative of the working device. Initial revisions are likely to be short on processing power due to the small size, so using the bracelet in conjunction with other mobile devices would be a great fit. There are a few questions on how well it would work in blazing sunlight, projectors usually do not do well in bright conditions. Either way, we will know soon enough, models will retail for roughly $700 in the coming months.



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