Solving Rubik’s Cube In 1 Second Saved Magician From Speeding Ticket [VIDEO]

Solving Rubik’s Cube In 1 Second Saved Magician From Speeding Ticket

 By RT

A New York magician, who avoided a speeding ticket by solving the Rubik’s Cube in just a second in front of amazed police, has repeated his trick for RT’s audience, but like all magicians he refused to share the secret behind it.

Steven Brundage was pulled over by police as he was returning home from a party early on Saturday morning.

The young man was sure to get a speeding ticket as the officers said that he was going 12 miles over the limit.

“But the cop saw all my magic stuff in the car… He asked if I was a poker player. I told him ‘no.’ I said I was a magician. So, he was kind of interested and he asked me to show him a trick,” Brundage told RT.

VIDEO: Magician gets out of Speeding Ticket with Magic!

The magician said he would solve the Rubik’s Cube in a definite period of time, with the officer suggesting: “I can’t say like one second, that’s not going to happen.”

In the end, the sides agreed that Brundage would try to complete the world famous 3D puzzle in 15 seconds.

The policemen, who counted the seconds out loud, were very impressed, despite the magician needing five extra seconds to finish the task.

But Brundage then said that he could solve the cube in just one second as the officers initially suggested.

The illusionist threw the cube, after mixing it up again, and when it landed in his hands every side of the puzzle was complete.

“How did he do that?” the policemen wondered and let the young man go without a fine.

The next day, the magician posted the video of his performance before the police online, collecting hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

VIDEO: Presto! Rubik’s Cube saves US magician from speeding ticket 

When asked to explain how his trick worked, Brundage said: “This is my secret.” But he was happy to repeat the hocus pocus live, giving the audience a chance to figure it out themselves. Brundage said that he rarely uses his skills offstage and “this is so far the trickiest situation I got out of ” via magic. “It also helped me get girls sometimes,” he added.



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