There’s Actually A Pill For Sale That Will Make Your Poop Glitter

There’s Actually A Pill For Sale That Will Make Your Poop Glitter

By  Gillian Fuller

Likely, this myth was born out of an aversion to associating hot, desirable chicks with, you know, sh*t — but newsflash, guys: Everybody poops.

To their credit, though, pooping glitter isn’t that out of the question: One Etsy shop proudly sells non-toxic glitter-filled pills, which, if eaten, probably come out the other side as sparkly as they were going in.

In other words: You will sh*t glitter.

Unfortunately, the company advises against actually swallowing the pills, claiming that they are for decorative purposes only — and reviewers have conveniently left out any information suggesting they’ve tested the sparkles out on their digestive systems.

But, hypothetically speaking, the pills should effectively spruce up your sh*t.

They even come in a multitude of hues, so you can choose what shade of blue, pink or gold you want your poo to be.

We say, give it a shot (but don’t blame it on us if something goes wrong).



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