How To Identify A Drug User By Looking At Their Eyes

How To Identify A Drug User By Looking At Their Eyes

How do you tell if someone is on drugs? Give them a blood test? How about a urine test? Ask them a few questions that only a sober person can answer? What if we tell you could tell that a person is on drugs by looking at their eyes?

Remember when people say your eyes are thewindows to your soul? Apparently it can also tell people if you are on drugs and the very substance you are taking.

An investigative report conducted by Vice on a nightclub in Berlin revealed that a person’s drug intake can be seen through their eyes.

It has been long known that eyes can reveal a person’s sobriety. This is why police would often beam lightinto your eyes on routine checks. Based on this report pupils get dilated after taking cocaine, marijuana oramphetamines and get constricted after taking opiates.

This test however is not foolproof as a change in a person’s pupil size could mean a lot of things; drug use is only one of them. There are also instanceswhen drugs won’t impact pupil size at all.

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