Research Shows Intelligent People Stay Up Late, Do More Drugs, & Have More Sex

Research Shows Intelligent People Stay Up Late, Do More Drugs, & Have More Sex

By Sam Benson

Here’s a fun tidbit: a new study shows that people who stay up late often read more, are more intelligent, dabble with drugs, and have sex considerably more often.

Interestingly enough, researchers found that people who stayed up later than the average person weren’t just smarter and more sexual, but they also were more likely to smoke a bowl or do a line. But they were less likely to take up destructively addictive drugs, like meth and heroin.

According to one study from 2010 that was published in Psychology Today found that people with an IQ of 125 or higher were much more likely to use drugs. According to the study:

Net of sex, religion, religiosity, marital status, number of children, education, earnings, depression, satisfaction with life, social class at birth, mother’s education, and father’s education, British children who are more intelligent before the age of 16 are more likely to consume psychoactive drugs at age 42 than less intelligent children.

…there is a clear monotonic association between childhood general intelligence and adult consumption of psychoactive drugs. “Very bright” individuals (with IQs above 125) are roughly three-tenths of a standard deviation more likely to consume psychoactive drugs than “very dull” individuals (with IQs below 75).

Additionally, researchers in the UK Found that students studying at universities such as Oxford and Cambridge spent more money on sex toys than at other universities. “The correlation probably has something to do with the open-mindedness that comes with intelligence,” says Annalisa Rose, 23, who works at Honey, a high-end sex shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

“I think that the ability to engage in an open sex life comes with the abilities of introspection and logical thought, and those require some level of intelligence. If we’re talking about an open sex life that comes from an emotionally healthy place, sexual morals are mostly made up anyway and intelligent people can rationalize past them.”

So if you’re the type to stay up later, chances are, you’re having a lot more fun than the early birds.



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