NASA’s Strangest UFO Sightings

NASA’s Strangest UFO Sightings

Wouldn’t you think think that NASA’s astronauts have witnessed strange things whilst in space? Well we believe yes, and there are even records that support numerous claims of astronauts describing mysterious and unexplained things while looking down towards planet Earth. From strange lights shadowing their spacecrafts to strange objects in the distance, there have been numerous UFO sightings in space. It’s not a surprise really because almost ever single astronaut that has been in space has either accepted the possibility of alien life, and/or has seen something unexplainable while in space, something that could turn out to be of extraterrestrial origin.

Astronauts of the Apollo missions have been witnesses to several UFO sightings and some of them have even been caught on film. Skeptics consider the images showing UFOs to be something explainable, but these interesting images have proven to be exactly that, unidentified object that have been imaged in space. It is also known that Apollo mission astronauts were instructed to use code-words when speaking through open radio transmissions to describe UFO encounters. One of the most interesting code-words to have been used by astronauts is “Santa Claus”, believed to actually refer to a unidentified flying object. Walter Schirra, one of the astronauts of the Mercury program was the first one to use the code-word “Santa Claus” during a 1968 mission on Christmas day while in orbit. Walter Schirra flew the six-orbit, nine-hour Mercury-Atlas 8 mission on October 3, 1962, and became the fifth American, ninth human, to ride a rocket into space.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell has openly suggested that Aliens exist, that intelligent extraterrestrial beings have been visiting Earth and that it is something that has happened for years. It is a phenomena that will continue to occur.

On September 12,1991, the space shuttle Discovery STS-48 flew nearly 350 miles above the surface of the Earth. Its crew, led by Captain John Creighton, performed several missions, including the deployment of an upper atmosphere research satellite. But while the astronauts occupied themselves with various tasks, a video camera at the rear cargo bay door captured footage that NASA claims no longer exists. A number of amateurs who were directly monitoring the transmissions have produced what they allege is genuine footage from STS-48. The video shows what appears to be a series of unidentified glowing objects and flashing lights that change direction and accelerate rapidly.

One of the Astronauts involved in that mission stated on a open channel “Hey, we’re being tracked by an alien spacecraft.” After that, all of a sudden the transmission ceased. They did not realize they were communicating through an open channel so they quickly switched to the private channel to describe what was going on. There are several other videos around the web, with strange objects flying around, from alleged footage from official NASA missions, and when you look at them and see those objects moving from one point to another than changing direction rapidly you start to ask yourself, is that space debris?

In 1996, video captured aboard the space shuttle Columbia STS-80 reportedly shows a number of fast-moving objects just outside the craft. These unidentified objects appear as bright streaks. Analysis of their speeds and directions have prompted some researchers to dismiss the claims that the objects were shuttle debris or meteors.
“There’s space shuttle video of two very specific missions… STS-48 and STS-80… which clearly show what appear to be powered vehicles operating in low earth orbit, defying all the laws of physics and clearly performing the way UFOs or extraterrestrial spacecraft are supposedly able to perform.” – Bara


In 1985, Soviet cosmonauts aboard the Salyut 7 reported seeing seven celestial beings orbiting Earth. They described “Angels”, “winged angels” surrounding their ship, humanoid figures, glowing and with wings attached to their bodies.

Mars has been the place of incredible mysterious UFO’s and structures; and even though as some of these can actually be explained logically, other objects simply defy our understanding and remain just that; unidentified flying objects. As our technology advances, and improvements are made to spacecrafts, space telescopes and cameras aboard our very on “alien crafts”, more sightings will eventually pop up everywhere, the question is what these sightings are and if they can be explained rationally, or, as some suggest, one must start looking at things from another perspective.

By Ivan Petricevic, Ancient-Code


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