Are Your friends and Relatives Have Been Replaced By Impostors?

Are Your friends and Relatives Have Been Replaced By Impostors?

There is a strange medical condition known as Capgras syndrome, or delusional misidentification. People who suffer from it believe that their wives or husbands, children, parents, friends or even pets have been replaced by impostors. Just think how frustrating it would be if your partner is sitting next to you and knows everything about you while you believe this person is actually a double of your loved one!

Until recently experts thought the Capgras syndrome was relatively rare, but now this notion is beginning to change as medics become familiar with many more such cases. The condition was first observed and described by a French doctor called Joseph Capgras, who reported on a female patient who was absolutely sure all her family members and neighbours had been replaced by doubles. She also claimed that she had had 80 husbands!

People who suffer from Capgras syndrome recognize faces, but there is no feeling of familiarity or closeness. For example, you know this is your husband but he just doesn’t feel like him at all. Experts describe the syndrome as a problem of disconnection.



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