Secrets In Your Handwriting Reveal A Lot About You

For instance, did you know you could tell a lot about who someone is just by the position they sleep in ? It seems crazy, but it’s pre...

Secrets In Your Handwriting Reveal A Lot About You

For instance, did you know you could tell a lot about who someone is just by the position they sleep in?
It seems crazy, but it’s pretty accurate.

Did you know you could analyze a personality through their handwriting as well? The science behind it is called “graphology” and just the simple way you craft a message on a birthday card or jot down a grocery list can indicate more than 5,000 different personality traits. Kathi McKnight, a noted graphologist, has developed a very simple test to introduce students to the field.

Ready to take the test?

Here’s how you start:  

Write the sentence “It’s the little things!” in cursive down on a piece of paper. (Graphologists say that cursive gives them a better read on a person.)

There are four parts to the test, so make sure you read all four pages to get a complete reading.
Once it’s jotted down, get ready to take this surprising test…

1. Take a look at the word “It’s.” Is your lettering slanted? No? Believe it or not, that says something about you. If it does slant, the direction also has a meaning.

If your handwriting…

Doesn’t slant: You are a more logical and practical person who guards their feelings.

Slants to the right: You are very social and open to the world around you.

Slants to the left: You like to work solo or behind the scenes. If you are right-handed and your handwriting slants to the left, you have a rebellious nature.

2. Now take a gander at “the.” Use this word to determine the size of your handwriting in general.

If your handwriting is…

Big: Like your scrawl, you have a big personality — and you’re not alone. A lot of celebrities have huge handwriting as well. Large letters imply that you are outgoing and enjoy the limelight.

Medium: It’s all about balance, right? Like your handwriting, you are well-adjusted and tend to adapt well.

Small: There is a high possibility that you are introspective and shy, but you’re also very focused and can easily concentrate.

3. Next up is the word “little.” Focus this time on the loops in your “L’s” and “E’s.”

If the loops in your…

E’s are narrow: You do not believe something unless you see it and emotion arguments don’t change your opinions.

L’s are narrow: Narrow loops in your L’s indicate that you are restricting yourself in some way. Try to relax a little.

E’s are wide: You are open minded and love trying new things.

L’s are wide: You are laid-back but spontaneous. You also have a natural ease in expressing yourself.

4. Lastly, it’s time to scrutinize the word “things.” Look closely at the “S” in that word.

If your “S” is…

Round: You avoid confrontation because you are a people-pleaser. But you may also be a master at compromising.

Pointed on top: You natural curiosity makes you intellectual mater mind. You’re also higher ambitious and the higher the point peaks, the more determined you are.

Open at the bottom: You might not be following your heart. For instance, you always wanted to own your own business, but you’re too scared to take the plunge.

Printed: You are versatile and like breaking rules.


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