Chinese Mother Forced To Choose Which Son Will Receive Her Kidney

A distraught mother has been forced forced to make a heart-breaking decision over which of her desperately ill sons should receive her kidney.

Lian Ronghua was pictured in tears as she prepared to go into the operating theatre, after choosing the younger son, Li Haisong, 24.

Aspiring doctor Li Haiqing, 26, sacrificed his own health by urging his mother to save his sibling according to a report in The People’s Daily Online, saying: 'We will save little brother first.'

Distraught mother Lian Ronghua sits by the bed of her younger son Li Haisong before the surgery. She chose to give him her kidney instead of her other son Li Haiqing, who also desperately needs a transplant

The older brother Li Haiqing, left, urged his mother to choose his younger brother Li Haisong, right, knowing that he might never receive a kidney transplant. Both men suffer from debilitating kidney condition uremia

Ronghua is lifted to her bed by sick son Haiqing (second left) and husband Li Xuikai (second right), who wasn't able to donate a kidney to either of his sons due to high blood pressure

The transplant operation cost the family several thousand yuan, and the men’s father Li Xiukai said they might not be able to afford a second operation if a suitable donor is found for Haiqing.

Both men, from Quanzhou City in the Fujian Province of China, suffered from uremia – a condition that gradually leads to kidney failure – with a kidney transplant offering the only hope of a cure.

The entire family moved to Xiamen last year so that Haiqing could receive dialysis treatment on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while Haisong underwent the same procedure on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Tests revealed that their 51-year-old mother was a suitable kidney donor for both brothers, but could only donate one organ. Their father was ruled out because of his high blood pressure.

Before the surgery Ronghua wept and said: ‘I only have one kidney and I can only save one son.‘No matter who I give it to it’s unfair.’ The family had agreed to save the younger brother

The eight-hour transplant operation was successful, but father Li Xuikai said that if another kidney becomes available for their son Haiqing, the family might not be able to cover the cost of the medical bills

The family reportedly argued repeatedly over the impossible choice of who should receive the organ, with each of the two siblings insisting that the other one receive it.

They took a vote and chose the younger brother.

As Lian Ronghua wept before the operation, The People’s Daily reported that she said: ‘I only have one kidney and I can only save one son.

‘No matter who I give it to it’s unfair.’

Haiqing – an aspiring doctor at Sichuan North University Medical School who was forced to abandon his studies when he became unwell – said: ‘Don’t cry. We have already agreed, we will save Haisong first.

Ronghua recovers after the surgery while her husband and eldest son Haiqing stay by her side.

‘He is a graduate, he can find a good job easier.’

Doctors spent eight hours carrying out the transplant, and Haiqing and his father waited at the hospital for the duration.

Before returning to Xiamen for his own dialysis treatment, Haiqing said: ‘It’s ok. We just need to wait for another kidney.’

By Elaine O'Flynn and Edward Chow


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