Bizarre ‘Spaghetti Monster’ Discovered 4000 Feet Under Water

VIDEO: Bizarre ‘Spaghetti Monster’ Discovered 4000 Feet Under Water

Following on from the horrifying news that octopuses are basically aliens, this week scientists are introducing us to an even stranger undersea life form.

BP workers were filming 4,000 feet under the sea off the coast of Angola with a remotely operated underwater vehicle when they captured footage of this thing - which they nicknamed the flying spaghetti monster .

It may look like a wriggling bowl of worms turned upside down, but scientists have identified the creature as a species of bathyphysa conifera, in the order of the siphonophorae.


Siphonophores are colonial animals which means that rather than a single organism this is actually a colony of thousands of individual zooids.

Each siphonophore begins as a single fertilized egg that reproduces by cloning itself.

"The creature appears spaghetti-like because the stem is contracted up so that all the feeding zooids are jam-packed together," Daniel Jones, a deep-sea ecology researcher, told The Huffington Post.

Feeding zooids. Shudder.

"To my knowledge this creature has only been observed a handful of times."

Forget sharks, we don’t think we’ll be going back into the water if there’s any danger of bumping into one of these freakish, self-cloning monstrosities.

By Shaun Cronin, Irish Examiner


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