China Turns Abandoned Quarry Into Futuristic Luxury Mountain Resort

China Turns Abandoned Quarry Into Futuristic Luxury Mountain Resort

China hopes that the disused quarry can become a future base for a new generation of winter sports fans.

Beijing are hoping to capitalise on an expected craze for winter sports after winning the rights to host the 2022 Winter Olympics just last week.

The latest layout designs for the Dawang Moutain Resort show off a water park, indoor ski slope and an outdoor swimming pool.

The incredible exterior layout also features a gushing 200ft waterfall which drops into the large quarry pit below.

The 150,000-square-metre luxury resort complex will be a self-contained luxury paradise.

Architects for the quarry near the city of Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, want to offer sports, leisure, restaurants and shopping to the wealthy guests.

One of the structures - a 100m tower - will offer 270 high-class rooms while the "Deep Pit Ice and Water World" will include a range of adventures and thrills.

The resort is also designed to allow natural daylight to flood the quarry and lake below.

China has recently begun to flex its construction muscles, including setting out bold plans for building entire cities from scratch.

By Oli Smith, EXPRESS 


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