Incredible: A Lamp That Works Without Electricity, Batteries Or Sunlight

This is one of the most Incredible inventions I have seen in a while: a lamp that works without electricity, batteries or sunlight

There are millions of people around the world who even today, live without electricity in their homes. Most of this population uses kerosene lamps to light their homes, but these are extremely dangerous due to the great amount of carcinogenic material that the lamps release, and the flames emitted by them. GravityLight 2 is incredibly environmental friendly compared to Kerosene lamps which cause 3% of the world CO2 emissions.


But guess what, you don't need electricity, batteries or sunlight if you want to have a lamp. you only need.. GRAVITY. GravityLight is a mechanically powered lamp designed and produced by the company Deciwatt Ltd from London, UK, a company that wants to help people struggling in developing and third-world countries.

A project called GravityLight 2 has managed to develop a new type of lamp. It is a lamp that works by gravity and does not need any fuel, electricity or sunlight.

This ingenious invention is specifically designed to provide light to families who cannot afford electricity or developing countries without access to electricity. 

This incredible lamp works thanks to a system of ropes and a bag filled with rocks, earth, or any other material weighing 12 kg and well.. gravity. All you have to do to produce light and get the lamp to work is pull one end of the rope lifting the weight of the bag and gravity does the rest of the job. As the counterweight is lowered the motion provides the kinetic energy needed for light to shine. Each completed cycle, that is, until you need to repeat the same operation of pulling the rope, takes around thirty minutes.

You can become part of this incredible project by going over to INDIEGOGO and help fund the project which could change the lives of millions of people around the world. While you are reading through this article, there are people who are looking at the project over at INDIEGOGO here they can find pledges for GravityLight 2 at US$70 or more. If everything works out as we all hope, the project's delivery to Kenya in Africa, should be completed by May 2016.

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