Popsicle Sticks Turn Into The Most Surprising Thing When You Boil Them

Popsicle Sticks Turn Into The Most Surprising Thing When You Boil Them

What can you do with the remaining Popsicle sticks after making Popsicle at home? Popsicle sticks are arts-and-crafts’ best friend, and for good reason. They can be incorporated into just about anything, and are the perfect building blocks for any crafty art project. There are dozens of popsicle crafts available online, but it’s rare to see crafters wearing them like this. It only takes a popsicle stick, some boiling water and your creativity to make these super cute bracelets. Here is how:

Put popsicles into boiling water for about an hour. This will allow the wood to soften and become flexible.

Once they’re soft, bend the popsicle sticks inside a small cup to create a round shape.

After the popsicle sticks form into a desired shape, proceed to leave them out to dry in the sun for a full day. When they are dry, you’ve got yourself a brand new bracelet. Next, is the fun part.

Use double sided tape if extra material, such as fabric, is used.

After you’re done decorating, use Mod Podge to keep everything together.

Your bracelet is complete. These super adorable bracelets are the perfect craft for any little artist in your life.
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