Bacon-Scented Underwear is Now a Real Thing You Can Buy

Bacon-Scented Underwear is Now a Real Thing You Can Buy

From the people that brought you life essentials such as Baconnaise and bacon-flavoured lip balm…. now you can get underwear that smells like bacon.

We’re not kidding.

For the man, or woman, who has everything (or really, really couldn’t stomach the news that bacon gives you cancer).

Thanks to J&D’s Food Inc. we can now all enjoy bacon without a calorie or carcinogen in sight.

The Seattle-based company are offering bacon boxers and bacon briefs for sale, claiming that they marry “the ultimate in comfort and cured meat”.

According to J&D’s, the smell of bacon will last through multiple wash cycles and wearings – but advise against purchasing if you own a large dog with sharp teeth (or work as a postman).

And for those who wake up dreaming of fry ups, you can now make your fantasies a reality with this bacon scented pillowcase.

The undergarments clock in at an affordable $19.99 and are available for both lady and gent bacon-lovers. But before you pick up a pair, heed the site’s warning: “If you have a large dog with razor sharp teeth, please do not fall asleep in J&D’s Bacon Scented Underwear,” it reads. The brand also recommends that “mail carriers, zookeepers, veterinarians, dog catchers and walkers, and circus performers (especially lion tamers),” should pass on the undergarments, for obvious reasons.

Yes, it’s absurd. But who in their right mind wouldn’t want to smell like the most incredible edible creation around? Nobody? That’s what we thought.

 By Rosy Cherrington, The Huffington Post UK


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