This Amazing Drinking Bottle Creates Water Out Of Thin Air

This Amazing Drinking Bottle Creates Water Out Of Thin Air

Fontus bottles never run dry, and are capable of harvesting up to 0.8 liters of water in an hour under the right climatic conditions. The technology uses a small solar panel to cool humid air into condensation, which then magically fills up your drinking bottle with water, as demonstrated by these images:

The bottle is the brainchild of a young team of innovators from a small company called Fontus, based in Vienna, Austria. They each have diverse backgrounds in business, engineering or design, and they say their mission statement is to create innovative green solutions for a higher quality of life (“on a global scale”).

Fontus points out that water has been harvested from the air for more than 2000 years. “The project was an attempt to discover these resources,” the group says, adding:

The Earth’s atmosphere contains around 13,000 square km of mostly unexploited freshwater. Fontus was invented to bring an alternative way of collecting safe drinking water to regions where drought and unclean water are a big issue.

They believe the technology “might be a clever way of acquiring freshwater in regions of the world where groundwater is scarce but humidity is high.” The bottles could provide children with water as they walk to school, and could even be used for what they call “mobile wells” on a much bigger scale.

Fontus has already won seven innovation awards, and its bottle has attracted the interest of many organizations across the developing world. But before you all rush off to order one, we have to (sadly) inform you that this awesome drinking bottle isn’t available just yet.

Fontus has a patent pending, and the company hopes to raise enough money with an upcoming crowdfunding campaign to get the product on the shelves and around the world to the neediest people as soon as possible: we’ll be sure to update this article with any new developments as they happen!


By Sophie McAdam, True Activist


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