Unusual Ways To Use Rubbing Alcohol – I Never Knew It Could Be This Effective

Unusual Ways To Use Rubbing Alcohol – I Never Knew It Could Be This Effective

Rubbing alcohol is a common item that we all have around the house. It’s main purpose is to disinfect wounds, but did you know there are many other effective ways to use it?

It turns out rubbing alcohol can do far more things than we thought. It’s great all around the house!

Mirror Smudges

Do you have smudges on your mirror that are annoying to look at? Rubbing alcohol can remove stains on mirrors and make them sparkling clean again.

Clean Whiteboards
Make whiteboards clean and white again. Alcohol and a wipe is all you need.

Greasy Stove?
If you cook at lot at home, chances are your stove is pretty greasy with oil. Rubbing alcohol is the perfect household cleaner. Just pour a bit on a paper towel and wipe your appliances clean.

Ice Pack
Use one part rubbing alcohol and two parts water to create a malleable ice pack. Add food coloring if you want it to look cool.

All Natural Deodorant
Deodorant that you find in stores can often have parabens, which are cancer-causing. Instead, use an all natural deodorant that you can make with rubbing alcohol. Add rubbing alcohol and a few drops of essential oil to a spray bottle.

Dirty Ring On Collar
Rub your neck with a bit of rubbing alcohol before putting on your favorite button up shirt. This will prevent that dreaded yellow stain on the collar of your shirts. However, don’t do this too often as it can dry out your skin.

Annoying Cold Sore?
Do you have an annoying cold sore? Put a bit of rubbing alcohol on the cold sore to dry it and relieve yourself of the itchiness.

Mosquito Bites
Rubbing alcohol will dry out a mosquito bite and calm the itch.

Clean Up Candles
Swab your candles with a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean them up.

Granite Countertop Cleaner
Do you have a granite countertop? Restore it to brand-new status with a mixture of alcohol, dish soap, and essential oil fragrance. Fill the bottle 1/8th full of rubbing alcohol, a drop of detergent, and a few drops of essential oil. Then add water to the rest. Shake together and wipe!

Nail Polish Remover
Remove nail polish from the carpet or anywhere else by dabbing it with a microfiber cloth.

Remove Sticky Residue
If you have stick residue as a result of a band-aid or stickers, then soak the area with alcohol for a bit to remove it.

Remove Garlic Smell From hands
If you’re cooking, then the garlic smell can get stuck on your hands. Remove it by rinsing your hands in rubbing alcohol and then washing clean.

This works for that pesky onion smell as well.

By Jenny Brown, SHAREABLY



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