Your Belly Button Shape Holds Big Secret

Your Belly Button Shape Holds Big Secret

Have you ever looked at your navel? Have you ever contemplated your navel? Chances are, like most folks, your answer would be NO. Well, did you know that the navel tells you a lot about the health of your body?

Many mammals have virtually no noticeable belly button. We humans, however, are left with an umbilical scar that is not only obvious but which varies dramatically. Some are seen as beautiful. Others are deemed ugly.

1. Bulged belly button – like button

Somewhat bulged navel can be tolerated, but if you notice that the navel is more bulged than it should be normal, but recently you have lifted something heavy, it may happen that you have a risk of hernia.

2. A little bulge

Little bulge indicates that you are probably prone to influenza.

3. Indrawn belly button

This belly button type usually means that you have a problem with your weight and you can be prone to problems with digestion, which can sometimes cause constipation.

4. Navel as almond

This means that you have to be careful with migraines and pain in the muscles, but you are also prone to weak bones.

5. Bulged in the form U

One of the most beautiful form, although indicates a propensity for kidney and skin diseases. Your children will have less chances of being born with genetic deformities! Next time, pay attention to your navel, because much of it you can reveal for yourself!


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