Never Ignore This 10 Mystery Pains

At times, we experience random aches, which normally disappear without significant effects. Nonetheless, there are certain pains that shouldn’t be ignored as they are usually a manifestation of underlying medical conditions whose early detection is vital. For this article, the purpose is to highlight 10 mysterious pains that you should always take seriously.

Never Ignore This 10 Mystery Pains

1. Mystery pains in the chest
Chest pain could be a warning of heart disease. When it comes to an impending heart attack, you may also feel sudden and sharp pain in your arms, shoulders, lower jaw, or throat. Hence, in case of such pains, it is imperative to alert someone or seek medical attention immediately.

2. Pain in the lower back
Kidney problems are often associated with pain in the lower back. You might have developed a kidney stone. While this pain normally disappears by it itself, it usually causes a lot of discomfort. With a swollen or infected kidney, the back pain will be more persistent and pronounced. The same will happen with kidney tumors. Hence, you need to be alert and pay attention to these signs.

3. Acute abdominal pain
If you are experiencing pain in your stomach that you can’t attribute to a heavy meal or intense physical exercise, you need to take it seriously. The lungs, uterus, and kidneys are all located around here; their problems can result in stomach pain. Appendicitis is manifested by pain in the right lower quadrant. It calls for urgent intervention and surgery.

Conversely, discomfort in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen points to gallbladder issues. Whereas pain in the upper back could indicate pancreatitits, pain in the intestinal area may point to liver inflammation.

4. Lower leg pain
Calf pain can be attributed to various physical activities, like strenuous climbing.The network of veins and arteries in the legs is intricate and extremely important. If there’s a rapture in these vessels, the blood can coagulate, a condition known as Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT). This can also result in the swelling of the leg.

5. Tingling sensations in the legs and arms
The tingling sensation is often attributed to staying in one position for too long. It is due to limited blood flow and the sensation diminishes once you get up and start moving.

However, if you often experience a tingle in your feet or hands, you should look into exploring the possibility of nerve damage. If it can’t be linked to a static position, the numbness and burning may spell peripheral neuropathy. In case of such symptoms, seek medical attention.

6. Generalized aching
Certain ailments, like fibromyalgia, manifest themselves quite generally. Women are more prone to this disease, increasing their sensitivity to pain and external pressure. The most significant effect is difficulty in sleeping well.

Likewise, depression can lead to unexplained and random aches in different body parts. You might experience migraines, back pain, and increase physical sensitivity.

7. Pain in the testicles
There are some serious health complications that can cause pain in the testicles, ranging from a fairly minor hernia to grave cancer. If the spermatic cord is twisted, it can result in a painful contortion in the testicles.

Also, if the epididymis (sperm storage facility and delivery unit) is damaged, it can lead to testicular pain. A twinge accompanied by an odd feeling could indicate varicocele (varicose veins).

8. Heavy headaches
Mysterious and sudden headache could be a warning that call for your immediate attention. If the pains are accompanied by blurred vision, it could be an indication of impending stroke or a transitory ischemic attack.

9. Pain during sex
Feelings of discomfort in the pelvic area during sex can be attributed to pelvic inflammatory disease. A bacterial infection of the fallopian tubes or uterus, can lead to a swollen and burning tissue. The inflammation might result in scarring, and even worse, infertility. Hence, you need to pay keen attention to these symptoms.

10. Protracted aching of the joints
Besides osteoarthritis, which normally occur with age, aching of the joints can also be attributed to lupus. Lupus is an ailment that can flare up and diminish. It is usually accompanied by chronic fatigue, fever, as well as hair loss.

Aching joints can also be associated with rheumatoid arthritis ans hepatitis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that drives the immune system out of control, causing it to attack its own tissue.

If you think that any of your inexplicable physical complications might be associated with some of the aforementioned conditions, consider visiting you doctor for a comprehensive examination.



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