What Does Your Ear Lobe Reveal About Your Personality?

What Does Your Ear Lobe Reveal About Your Personality?

Are we subconsciously conscious about our ears? Do they stick out? Are they abnormally small or abnormally large? Or are you just grateful you can hear the music of life?

Did you know that your ears are the only part of your body that continue to grow throughout your life? It’s true. Why do you think that is?

Some believe it is because the ears have a tell a tale, and some believe they are a sign of wisdom.

Whatever the reason, our ear lobes tell us a little bit about ourselves. Depending on whether we have attached, midway, or free ear lobes, each tell a tale about our personality.

There is science called “Physiognomy” or “Face reading”, the science of telling a person’s character and fate only by observing his face. Each one of us is trying to guess if the person we’re talking to can be trusted, is it a good or bad person only by looking at his face.

Which option is the closest fit to your ear lobe?

Attached Spirit

Having an attached ear lobe means that you are a person who has a very solid personality. When you find someone you love, you attach yourself quickly and love deeply. You are diligent and focused in life. You are a very genuine person. You are clever and numerous.

Midway Spirit

Having a midway ear lobe means that you are very easy going and a pleasure to be around. You are intelligent and are wise enough to stick to good reason but as well are open to learning different points of view. In love, you take your time but are firm in your love once you have decided. You are capable of anything you set your mind to and have a tireless spirit about you.

Free Spirit

Having a free ear lobe means that you are a person who has a completely free spirit. You are positive and take life one day at a time. You are spontaneous and you take people for face-value. In love, you make sure to keep it full of adventure and spunk. Everyone around you admires your confidence and solidity in life.

Round shape

Such a person loves himself and likes to draw attention and be appreciated. They are very friendly and agreeable because they tend to be a friend for everybody. They do what they like to do and surround themselves with people they want to see.

Square shape

People with such an ear shape are cautious and reliable. You can always count on them because they won’t let you down. However, they expect the same behaviour in turn. Stability and politeness are also values that define such people.

Diamond shape

Such people are unusual, they think and do things, nobody even dares to think of. They are narcissistic, moody and usually act depending on their feeling at that time. It is hard for their friends to understand their behaviour.

Crescent shape

They take into account others’ ideas and thoughts and forget about defending and supporting their own views. People tend to trust them because they are very honest, reliable, friendly and ready to help someone when needed.

Rectangular shape

Such a person is a word-man. If he promised something, he will absolutely do that. They dislike silly or absurd things. They are good planners and aim for perfection.

Reverse triangular shape

This is an adventurous, curious, clever and fascinated by new things person. He likes to communicate with people and be surrounded by good friends. However, if his plan is spoiled, he’ll get mad.

Triangular shape

Such people are kind and generous. They tend to fear loneliness, that’s why they are always surrounded by friends. Such people are flexible, thus, in case they face an issue, it will be solved depending on the circumstances.

Prominent ears
Very communicative and passionate people. Are very determined and don’t think too much before acting. Also, they don’t like obeying to others.

Less prominent ears

Very serious and kind person, but without oratorical talent.

Small ears mean honesty, good behaviour and kindness. If the earlobe is thicker, the intensity of these features is enhanced.

Too small ears mean modesty and cautiousness, but if the ears are long and narrow, these features enhance.

Medium ears mean enthusiasm and confidence.

Big ears with thick earlobe mean vulgarity and materialism.

Distanced ears show outrage and a desire for destruction.

Vertical ears mean power, determination, vitality, might.

Normal years should not pass the height above or below the eyebrows and nose. People whose ears are over the eyebrows line are believed to be mad, ruthless, with criminal inclinations

By Mary Petramalo, Family Share


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