What Your Eyebrows Say About You

According to Jean Haner, an expert in “face reading,” your eyebrows reveal more about you than you can actually imagine, including your confidence level, your logic, your motivation and your organizational skills.

It’s common knowledge that eyes are the window to the soul, thus making eyebrows the frame of the face. But your arches aren’t just an aesthetic, they’re also a potent testament to your character. Just ask face reading and feng shui expert Priya Sher, who believes that you can learn everything you need to know about a person just by looking at them.

What Your Eyebrows Say About You

“Every part of our face reflects a different age, relationship, aspect of our life and organ in our body,” Sher explains. “Eyebrows reflect our heart, our sexual energy, our relationship with our partner, our relationship with our siblings and our power, career and work style.”

Is it likely that your eyebrows give the answer to what kind of person you really are? Read on to discover what the shape of your eyebrows reveals about you.

1. Curved Eyebrows

People with curved eyebrows are considered perfectionists. Your friends probably see you as someone with strong visual perception, because you quickly notice physical details.

2. If Your Eyebrows Curve, You Likewise Have a Creative Side

Many people with angled eyebrows are very crafty and talented. They aren’t necessarily painters, but they do have the vision to make something out of nothing.

3. Naturally Straight Eyebrows

People with straight eyebrows are generally very reliable and down-to-earth. If you belong to this group, everyone, including your family, friends and colleagues can depend on you in times of need.

4. Straight Eyebrows Also Indicate Sensible Approach

These people are exceptionally calm and can handle different assignments at the same time.

5. Eyebrows with an Upward Curve

If your eyebrows have an upward curve, you are most likely prone to rivalry. You’re really ambitious and are excellent for supervisory positions.

6. Upward Curving Eyebrows Can Also Indicate a Hard Working Attitude

The one thing you can’t accept is losing, and you want to excel in everything you do. This often means overindulging at work, which can sometimes seriously affect your relationship.

7. Eyebrows That Curve

People with curving eyebrows are generally reasonable and sensible. Even though they are generally calm and collected, every now and then, they let their feelings overpower their reason. This type of eyebrows also indicates balance.

1. Short Eyebrows

Shorter eyebrows like Britney Spears’s, “are typically a sign of someone who doesn’t deal with stress very well,” says Haner. “These people usually don’t like having to deal with their friend’s dramas as well.”

2. Long Eyebrows

People with long eyebrows, like Eva Mendes, “tend to deal better with stress and typically have a lot of friends that they don’t mind listening to and helping out with their problems,” Haner explains. “They’re also usually really good workers, can take on big jobs, and can also be competitive.”

3. Naturally Thin Arches

“Naturally thin or sparse eyebrows” — think Taylor Swift — “symbolize people who tend to doubt themselves, are unsure, and believe what other people tell them,” she says. “They tend to be more cautious, so they live life a little more carefully.”

4. Naturally Full Brows

“Thick eyebrows” — like Cara Delevingne’s — “signify someone who loves to be active,” says Haner. “They’re naturally confident, they have a good head on their shoulders, and they can figure things out quickly. Sometimes they can get frustrated easily though if others are holding them back from what they want to do, because they are really good at getting things done.”

5. Eyebrows With High Arches

“Brows that are placed high above the eye (these are usually very curved, too)” — like Megan Fox’s — “tend to mean that this person isn’t as approachable — they’re more sensitive and tend to hold back a little bit,” explains Haner. “They also need more space and sometimes can be perceived as conceited, but it’s really that they take more time to warm up to other people. They also tend to be perfectionists and have really good taste.”



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