He Stacks Coins On His Laptop And Leaves Then For A Few Hours. How Could We Not Think Of This Before?

With the advance of modern technology, our possibilities are close to becoming endless with each day. Not so long ago, people were limited to using desktop computers (and nothing before that) for their everyday work and now we even have more than one mobile alternatives. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, phablets, what not!

However, as much as the technology is useful, it’s also very sensitive and fragile. One of the biggest problems with laptops is that they can overheat very easily. There’s nothing more frustrating than lying in bed with a laptop until it becomes so hot that it automatically turns off.

But, as problems appear, they also disappear with smart engineering. If you also have an overheating problem with your laptop, don’t worry, there’s an awesome trick for that!

When you take a look at a heat chart of an overworked laptop, you can see where the problem lies – all that heat from your CPU is focused into one place.

Akinori Suzuki, a Japanese singer, had the same problem and he got tired from his laptop constantly overheating. He finally realized that there’s a simple and genius trick!

All you have to do is to take a pile of coins and stack them above your keyboard!

The type of coins you use should depend on the country you live in. Since copper is the best metal for dissipating heat, pennies are excellent for this purpose.

If you have friends or family with this problem, make sure you share the article with them!

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