How To Make Your Nose Smaller And In Shape With Easy Exercise

Most of the celebs and females spend lots on money on the cosmetics surgeries to get perfect sharp nose, but these surgery have many complications. Face is the first to resemble by the others if you are having sharp features then you will be remembered by others as a sharp-featured female.

Though it is not an easy task to sharpen nose, it will take some time and long process. But it is not an impossible way. If you focus and perform exercises daily then you will get better result, through sharp nose you can make your look perfect. Massaging and exercises are the best method to get smaller and sharper nose. These exercise will help you only without having any side effects on your face. So not to worry and keep going on with these exercise which will enhance your features and makes you to look more prettier.

1. Nose Shortener Exercise To Get Small And Sharp Nose

There are many changes in the body with the age especially in the bones and muscles. By regular practising nose shortener exercise you can help in reducing the rate od deterioration of the cartilage in your nose.

How To Perform It
Just palace your index finger on the tip of your nose and press it. Now push index finger down by exerting downward pressure by your nose. You can repeat this exercise as many times in a day.

2. Nose Straightener Exercise To Get Small And Sharp Nose

Smile is one of the best gift that nature has provided to us. When you are in stress only smile can works as wonders for you so many times. This is the best way to get straight nose as it is a kind of the exercise.

How To Perform It
Just smile and push your nose in upward direction. This will help in build up the muscles that are on the sides of your nose. You can repeat the exercise 20- 30 times in a day to get straight nose.

3. Nose Shaper Exercise To Get Small And Sharp Nose

Nose shaper exercise is for those females who ar not happy with the shape of their nose. Small and broad nose is the obstacles on your feature. So with the work out with this exercise there are more chances that you can change its shape as you want.

How To Perform It
With the help of the index finger press the bottom sides of the nose while flaring the nostrils. Now you have to breathe out with small force. This exercise will also prevent your nose from sagging. You can repeat the exercise 10 -15 times in a day.

4. Nose Wiggling Exercise To Get Small And Sharp Nose

Nose wiggling exercise is more for the building the muscles of your nose then reshaping nose. But it will help in straightening the nose and make it small in size.

How To Perform It
Sit straight and just wiggle your nose with out the movement of your face that means your face is completely still during the process. You can repeat the process 10-15 times in a day at a time.

5. Breathing Exercise To Get Small And Sharp Nose

Breathing exercise is beneficial for your health also. Deep inhaling and exhaling the breath give a feeling of calm. These yoga exercise will help in shaping your nose also.

How To Perform It
Sit straight on the ground. Now you need to block the one of your nostrils and inhale within 4 seconds. Now block the other nostril and exhale the air for about 8 seconds . You can repeat this exercise as many time as you want.

6. Eliminate Smile Line Exercise To Get Small And Sharp Nose

By the increase in age lines around the nose that is smile lines gets more deeper which will spoil your look completely. To get rid of these smile lines this exercise is perfect.

How To Perform It
Fill your mouth with the air and now close it. Move this air in all the direction within your mouth. But you must hold air for 5 seconds in each direction and then finally release it. In this way you can get rid of the smile lines.

7. Nose Massaging Exercise To Get Small And Sharp Nose

Apart from the shaping and shortening your nose this exercise will also help in relieving from headache pain as well as person who are suffering from the sinus and migraine.

How To Perform It
Massage your nose from tip, bridge of the nose and sides of your nose. Perform this exercise daily in circular motion for about 5 minutes in a day. This simple exercise will also improve the facial muscles strength.

Change in the shape and making it smaller is not an easy as compared to rest of the body parts. But this simple and quick exercises can reshape your nose and build up the facial muscles at no extra cost. But you need to perform exercise daily with fully dedicated and patience. Some of the exercises will also improve the health of the person like breathing and eliminating smile lines exercise will also have impact on your health. So girls with out much expenditure you can reshape your nose and make it smaller to look.



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